Freelance @ Ryatta Group

Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Developer • Dec 2015 — Present

Consultant on client and in-house products


Web Application Developer • Jun 2015 — Oct 2015

Developed a Voter Relationship Management system, a bespoke voter-oriented CRM for political campaigns with Ruby on Rails

  • implemented a query builder to perform complex voter searches
  • integrated 3rd Party APIs: rich email creation and tracking system with Sendgrid, VOIP PBX Virtual Call Center
  • built test suite to validate client needs and to support developer productivity

Freelancer @ Lab416 (formerly WackyWave Labs)

Full-Stack Web Developer • Jan 2015 — Apr 2015

Built and maintained client projects, including Grocerease using ASP.NET MVC and AngularJS

Effix Solutions

Full-Stack & API Developer • May 2014 — Dec 2014

Intern • Feb 2014 — Apr 2014

Consultancy work ranging from e-commerce to corporate management portals using ASP.NET MVC


Front-End Developer • Oct 2013 — Dec 2013

Produced responsive designs from mockups using Bootstrap and jQuery

Technical Skills and Certifications


Proficient: Ruby

Experienced: C#

Familiar with: Python, Haskell, Octave/MATLAB, php

Interest and Curiosity: Go, Elixir / Erlang / OTP, Elm


HTML, JavaScript, Coffeescript, CSS (Bootstrap, Sass), AngularJS

Web Frameworks

Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET MVC 4, Wordpress


PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server 2008, MongoDB


git, Trello, Basecamp, AWS




Portfolio page Open Source


University of Toronto

Honours BSc, Mathematics & Physics • 2008

Professional Development

As a self-taught developer, I am strongly motivated for continuous learning, and work hard to refine and expand my knowledge portfolio.


Massively open online classes, teaching everything from CSS to Haskell, MVC to Hadoop

My previous resume site cataloged my MOOC participation (currently 39 completed). I'm currently working my way through:

Currently Reading

  • The Pragmatic Programmer by Andrew Hunt & Dave Thomas
  • Rails Antipatterns by Chad Pytel & Tammer Saleh
  • The Go Programming Language by Alan A. Donovan & Brian W. Kernighan
  • The Annotated Turing by Charles Petzold

Associations & Conferences

Toronto Ruby Brigade

Co-organizer of Workshop • Jan 2016 — Present

Participant • Aug 2013 — Present

Help with researching topics, preparing slides, and coding materials

  • Speed Sprint — five Gosu projects where you start where the previous team left off
  • Asteroids — a clone of the classic arcade game using the Gosu game framework and Chipmunk physics engine
  • Shazbot — building Slack chatbots and integrating with 3rd party APIs
  • FBBot — continuing hacking on chat bots, this time using Facebook Messenger and integrating natural language processing via wit.ai

LinuxCon North America

Attendee • Aug 22-24th, 2016

Pycon Canada 2013

Attendee • Aug 9-13th, 2013