Ruby on Rails

FourSeasons' Hualalai Resort

Ruby on Rails Consultant @ Ryatta • Jan 2016 — Present

Development of a guest access pass system managing exclusive member visits to the resort

  • a human on the project
  • decoupled report data from presentation and abstracted report generation, allowing rapid creation and easy modification
  • designed and implemented a complex arrivals widget, allowing multiple billing and arrival groups per visit


Ruby on Rails Consultant @ Ryatta • Dec 2015 — Feb 2016

  • developed and implemented Storefront back-end. Completed with tight deadline for debut at international conference
  • integrated payments with Stripe Checkout and Connect, increasing revenues by driving sales through the platform
  • exceeded feature parity of legacy system, allowing migration to a single application stack


Web Application Developer • Jun 2015 — Oct 2015

Developed a Voter Relationship Management system, a bespoke voter-oriented CRM for political campaigns with Ruby on Rails

  • Railsume

    Implemented a query builder to perform complex voter searches

  • Railsume

    Integrated 3rd Party APIs, such as rich email creation and tracking with Sendgrid and VOIP PBX Virtual Call Center, to perform various voter-engagement campaigns

  • Railsume

    Developed electoral maps with Mapbox from ARCgis shapefile to display region-specific voter sentiment on particular issues

  • Railsume

    Built RSpec test suite to validate client needs and to support developer productivity

SCB-TO's Photo Content

Developer & Designer • Mar 2014 — May 2014

Built a Ruby on Rails photo contest web application for the Toronto Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology

  • managed concerns of sponsors, SCB-TO executive committee, participants, and judges
  • 170+ contest entries, 16K+ photo views during 1-month contest period
  • source

My Previous "Railsume"


My first Ruby on Rails app, that tracked online courses (MOOCs) I participated in



A clone of the speed typing game Typespeed using Gosu


Part of this game was incorporated into the Ruby Hacknight workshop Speed Sprint



A command line app that scans files for URLs and reports their HTTP status code


I needed a script like this and thought it would be a good excuse to play with Go routines.



API Developer • Jun 2014 — Sep 2015

AngularJS Developer • Dec 2014 — Sep 2015

Developed and supported the ASP.NET MVC API and two AngularJS front-ends of an online grocery shopping platform

  • took charge of API backend, finished MVP to allow the onboarding of beta clients
  • improved customer and order fulfillment management with application layers
  • abstracted payment processing to integrate with new payment processors



Theme and Plugin Developer • Nov 2014 — Jan 2015

A fully responsive job board website and CMS for talent acquisition firm, powered by Wordpress

Responsive design optimized for phones and tablets


Code Breaker game

A game of bulls and cows in the browser

Built this to try out ReactJS with some non-trivial state. Try in a fiddle